The technical company Ergodomisis EE has been active in the fields of licensing, design, design and construction of private projects since 1995, specializing in industry, storage and tourism, providing integrated services.


Having a long way, we have the appropriate experience to provide specialized services of full technical support and in particular:

Studies, design and construction of special buildings, building and electromechanical installations, technical works and infrastructures of all kinds in the field of industry (industrial complexes, office buildings, infrastructure works and landscaping), storage (storage spaces and special installations) and tourism (for the establishment, expansion, modernization and operation of a tourism unit).

Licensing of industrial, tourist and professional facilities


  • Consulting services for the purchase of the property.
  • Preparation of preliminary Architectural studies.
  • Preparation of final architectural studies.
  • Preparation of statics, E / M and other studies.
  • Preparation of studies for landscaping.
  • Environmental studies and waste disposal studies
  • Approval of environmental conditions
  • Classification of tourist accommodation
  • Building permits
  • Licenses for the establishment of professional facilities
  • Operating licenses
  • Procedure of approvals & opinions from the competent services.

Technical support during the operation of businesses

Preparation of studies, budgets, planning of licenses and works for the implementation of maintenance projects, expansion and modernization of buildings and e / m facilities, installation of new mechanical equipment in operating companies.

Economic and technical study of construction projects

Preparation of implementation studies, measurement of quantities and receipt of detailed offers of materials and labor, with complete costing elements (description – quantities – prices) for the preparation of the construction budget of the project, equipment and special facilities, per category of work, for Industrial – craft buildings and Tourist accommodation.

Business environmental support services

Providing consulting services for research, study, development, implementation, support of environmental management systems.



Our company, adapted to the new conditions and responding to the modern needs of businesses, has designed new flexible forms of cooperation with its customers, ensuring reliability, with the aim of providing high quality services.

Our aim is utilizing our experience and the trust of our customers to utilize the new technology and modern materials so that the projects we build are of high quality and competitive cost in order to fully satisfy our customers, contributing to its development and prosperity. their business.

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